What is 101 Hues?

101 Hues is basically a revolutionary way to dress up for us Indian women for occasions!
We are like a walk-in closet of gorgeous, gorgeous Indian Ensembles & a little bit of Western Occasion Wear, all accessible to you, ON RENT!We believe that wearing gorgeous clothes should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. At 101 Hues, women can rent the best and the latest in fashion at an affordable price.
So, why Repeat when you can RENT?!

How does 101 Hues work?

Find an outfit you love – Online or In Store, book it for your dates.
On the scheduled date of delivery, we’ll keep the outfit/s ready for you – altered to your measurements, dry cleaned & ironed. Flaunt your outfit on the D-Day & return it to us. We are proud to be known to provide a hassle free, happy & easy renting experience to all our customers! Here’s a few things we take special care of!
Fit – We want our outfits to fit you well so we tailor it exactly to the measurements you provide us. On the date of delivery, we also offer you to take a trial of your outfit/s and any minor alterations (if needed) are take care of, on the spot.
Hygiene – Our outfits will always be as good as new. Each outfit is dry cleaned using the most modern eco-friendly techniques in the business. It is then steam pressed and finished by our special in house team. You will love the way we take care of our garments, we promise!
Design – We work all day every day to create gorgeous designs & make them into beautiful garments – we source only the best quality of fabrics, work with a team of local, experienced craftsmen for embroideries & tailors for the final making of literally all our garments! No detail is too small for us & each garment goes through various rounds of sampling before the final piece is out on display!
Maintenance – At 101 Hues, we specially have a team of employees who make sure each outfit is maintained in the best possible way. Finishing of every outfit is done at regular intervals. Cleaning, as well. Also, all outfits are thoroughly checked before and after each use. We also rework a garment whenever needed to make sure it looks as good as new!
Dates – Dates of Delivery & Return are extremely, extremely important to us. We are a small brand, but we strive to always serve a customer right on time! And hence, we also expect our customers to respect the dates of delivery & returns! Together, with the support of our kind customers, we strive to always make sure that there are absolutely no delays!

How do I find the perfect outfit for me?

It’s easy, really! Go to the “Clothing” tab from our Home Page, and browse through the entire range of outfits that we have. If you’re looking for something specific, use our filters for the category of outfits – “Lehenga Sets, Gowns, Indian Fusion”- and select your pick! Once you select an outfit, please get in touch with us on call/Whatsapp on 9979455758 to check for availability of the outfit on your dates & in your size, and place your booking with us. Or you can visit us In Store & pick any outfit that you like. We’d definitely love to see you!

What about size and fitting issues?

Fortunately, majority of our outfits can be fitted to sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, however we’ll still check with your size before we go ahead with any bookings, for a smooth transaction. We’ll need you to drop by to our store for us to take your precise measurements, or you can Whatsapp us your measurements (we’ll send you a list of measurements we’ll be needing, according to the outfits you pick). A day before, or on the day of the scheduled delivery, we shall alter the outfit to your exact size &offer you a physical trial too, so the fitting is most comfortable to your preference.

How do you ensure hygiene of the outfits?

Hygiene has been an extremely important aesthetic for 101 Hues from Day 1. We personally make sure to follow a foolproof inspection process every time an outfit comes back to us. Every outfit is thoroughly checked, dry cleaned, sanitized and steam ironed – before and after each use. Don’t worry, you’re in great hands! Your outfit is going to look and smell like a new one.You will not be disappointed, we promise!

Will I need to iron the outfit myself?

We steam iron every outfit right before delivery to remove any possible crease from it. We recommend you to hang the dress carefully till you use it. We do not advise ironing the dress yourself. However, If you do find a few wrinkles on it, please steam the outfit only at low heat. Do not, in any case, iron at high heat as this will damage the outfit.

Can I alter the dress on my own?

We strictly advise you against doing any alterations at home. Each outfit is handled with tremendous care by our team to ensure that each customer has the best experience and hence we prefer to get all alterations done by our own team only. Security deposit would be deducted in case of any damage by reason of the outfit having been altered by the customer themselves.

How long can I keep an outfit?

You have the option to book an outfit with us for 3 days. The outfit shall be ready for delivery to you at our store, on the scheduled date of delivery For instance, if your occasion date is the 20th, the outfit shall be booked for pick up by you on the 19th and it shall have to be dropped off at our store on the 21st. All pick-ups & drop-offs shall be done in our store timings only.

How do I place an order with 101 Hues?

Once you select the outfit you’d like to rent, please get in touch with us In Store or on call/Whatsapp on 9979455758. Once we check the availability for the selected outfit for your specific dates, we shall make the booking for you on payment of the Rental amount. Currently, we accept payments via Cash, Bank Transfer, Gpay&PhonePe.

How does Delivery work?

We currently do not offer the service of Home Delivery/Pick Up. We shall keep your outfit ready for pick up from your end, at our store on the scheduled date of delivery as per your booking. Please note that deliveries shall be made only in our store timings.

What if I need to keep my outfit for extra day/s?

If you’d like to keep the outfit for more than 3 days, you can place an order accordingly. For rentals beyond 3 days, we charge 15% of rental amount extra per each extra day, at the time of booking. Please note that any extra days have to be notified with us at the time of booking, and not later on.

What if I want to cancel/change my booking?

Please go through our Terms & Conditions, to check for what can be done regarding Cancellations &Rebookings.

When do I return my outfit?

Once your rental period is done! You’ll need to drop off the outfit to our store on the “Date of PickUp” as mentioned on your receipt/invoice.

How do I return my outfit?

We currently do not offer the service of Home Delivery/Pick Up. The outfit/s has/have to be dropped off at our store, from your end, on the scheduled date of return as per your booking. Please note that drop off of outfit/s can be done only in our store timings.

What if I’m late in returning the outfit?

Ouch! We’d hate for that to happen and encourage you to avoid that at all costs. We rely on you to return our products on time so that we are able to fulfill our promise to our other customers. Sadly, we will have to charge a late fee of ₹1,000/day for any delay – this will be adjusted against your security deposit.

What is the security deposit? Why do I need to pay it?

Every time you rent an outfit, you will be asked to pay a security deposit that is equal to roughly 20% of the MRP of the outfit. The security deposit is just standard protocol, a kind of an insurance cover that we need for our outfits whilst they are with you.

When will I get my deposit back?

We will refund your deposit in full, once the outfit has been returned to us and is in a good condition and has passed our inspection and quality check. If everything is well, the transfer will reflect in your bank account (or in cash, from our store) within 7 to 10 working days of the outfit/s reaching us. Please don’t worry, your money shall be safe with us!
*Please note that refunds shall be processed only to bank accounts and in cash (in case of cash payments). Refunds shall not be processed via GPay, PhonePe, PayTM or other similar applications.

What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress?

Don’t worry! We know that you’ll treat these gorgeous outfits with love and care and that routine wear and tear is unavoidable – we totally understand that. However if we find ‘substantial damage’ to the outfit or a stain that cannot be removed through our standard dry cleaning process we will need to charge you to restore it. The charge will depend on the nature of the damage. Also, we may find that the damage is large enough that it results in a ‘major loss’ – which means we can no longer rent the outfit out or a majority portion of the outfit needs to be reworked at a high cost. In this case, we shall not be refunding any part of the security deposit, in order to compensate for the damage.

FOR ANY OTHER QUERIES, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH US AT care@101hues.com | 101huesinfo@gmail.com or 9979455758.