1.We take Booking only on payment of Rent!

2.We do not entertains cancellations or exchange of outfit or changing of dates!
So kindly book accordingly.

3.Cancellation charge is 10% of Rent for cancellation 1 day after you place the order for any outfit, 20% for cancellation after 1 week, and 30% if the cancellation in done 15 days after you place the order.

4.In any case, if the outfit delivery is scheduled within the next 30 days, cancellation charge is 50% of Rent, irrespective of the date of booking or cancellation. No cancellation/credit not shall be possible in case of orders scheduled to be within 15 days.

5.No refund will be made in case of any cancellation. Only a Credit Note shall be issued, valid to be used for 3 months from the date of cancellation.

6.Once an outfit is altered to your size, any cancellation/refund won’t be possible!

7.If a outfit/s is not returns on the pick up date as mentioned, owing to default on the renter’s end, and additional per day rental fee will accrue at a maximum of up to 20% of the actual rent.

8.It is mandatory to pay the Security Deposit $ Rent as on the bill, on or before the delivery of the outfit/s.

9.Each cover and hanger provided along with the outfit/s, if not returned, is chargeable upto₹300/- per pc.

10.Refund of security deposit shall be within 7 to 10 days from the day the outfit is returned. In case of any changes, 101 Hues shall defray the said security deposit to cover the costs of repair/replacement, and refund the balance amount, if any, to the renter in due course of time.

11.No outfit trails are allowed before booking, Trials are allowed only for fitting on scheduled dates.

12.Any Credit Note issued by us cannot be used for payment of Security Deposit. Credit note/s can be used only for payment of rental charge for outfits rented from us.

13.The management may have additional requirements at its own discretion.

We hope you have a great experience Renting with us!

We hope to see more & more of you!